Eva H Harris Reunion Blog

Welcome to the Eva H Harris High School Reunion blog. We want to urge you to use this blog to communicate with your classmates.

This blog is devoted to preserving the memory of the Eva H Harris School, its teachers, classmates and all schools throughout the US that were lost because of integration.

Be on the lookout for the first official mailing and please be sure to mark your calendars for our class reunion.

We urge you to share your ideas and thoughts with us. We are asking you to take an active part in making this year’s class reunion a huge success.

We look forward to your comments and please plan to attend this special event.

The following classmates have formed the 2012 Eva H Harris Reunion Committee for the class of 1964:

Leon Whitfield – President

Florine Robinson Austin – Secretary

Ethel Patterson Smith – Treasurer

Johnny Hall – Food Committee

Ernestine Richardson Turner – Planning Committee

Be sure to tell our classmates about the blog, and check back occasionally for new posts.

About the Author

I grew up in Mississippi; Oma (A little town NW of Monticello, MS), Hattiesburg, MS and Wesson, MS. My parents died when I was 6 so I lived with older sisters until after High School. I attended McCullough elementary in Monticello, MS, Rowan Jr. High in Hattiesburg, MS and graduated from Eva Harris in Brookhaven, MS in 1964. I served 3 years in the Army immediately after graduating High School. I spent the majority of my military tour of duty in Germany. I moved from Mississippi to St Louis, MO after military service and worked at GM making cars until I got my degree. I have a degree in Data Processing (Now Computer Information Systems). I spent over 30 years working in the Computer industry with various companies starting as a IBM 360 Mainframe Computer Programmer and working my way up to department head. I then started my company, a Computer Software Systems Programming and Consulting firm. I also opened a Computer Store and a PC Training Center in New Orleans after retirement. Businesses closed after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

In addition to St Louis, I have lived and worked in Memphis, TN, New Orleans, LA, Hackensack and Cherry Hill, NJ, Trumbull and Waterbury, CT, Jeffersonville and Edwardsville, IN, Louisville, KY and Phoenix, AZ. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time getting to know places and people in many areas of the world.

These articles are personal opinions and whether anyone wants to hear my opinions is another matter.

My name is Leon Whitfield, I am retired and I lived in Terry, MS. I am the author and administrator of this and other blogs.


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