Looking for Eva H Harris School Memorabilia

I have noticed that over the years the memory of the Eva H Harris School, Brookhaven, MS has slowly faded. The building in which we traveled the halls back and forth to classes each day during our school days was allowed to deteriorate and has now been sold for other use. I have searched the Internet, Lincoln County Library in Brookhaven MS, and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and found very few references to the Eva H Harris School. I contacted the Lincoln County School District in Brookhaven MS to find out if any Eva Harris memorabilia was saved after the school closed. The answer was, if anything was saved, it would be found at the Lincoln County Library. After checking the library, the only items found were several documents referring to the (then current) and a future Eva H. Harris principal; Mrs. Eva H. Harris and Mr. T. J. Rance and the 1961-62 Eva H Harris teacher roster compiled by the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, a 1987 copy of an interview of Mrs. Eva H. Harris and a copy of the Mississippi State Senate Resolution 6, Commending the Life and Public Service of Mr T. J. Rance.

I found that to keep the memory of the school, someone must donate memorabilia from the school to the Lincoln County Library or the State Archives. Therefore, to keep the memory of the Eva H Harris High School alive, I will submit a proposal to the 1964 class reunion committee to initiate an effort to collect memorabilia that will be donated to the Lincoln County Library in Brookhaven, MS to keep the memory of the Eva H Harris School. We hope that all former Eva H Harris students and teachers will join us in an effort to keep the memory of our high school alive.

We are looking for memorabilia; Yearbooks, Class Pictures, Classmate Pictures, Teacher Pictures, News Articles, Pictures or drawings of the school, etc. We will accept any items that can be linked to the Eva H Harris School. We will donate the items collected to the Lincoln County library in Brookhaven, MS so that the memory of our school will never die.

The address to send items to be donated is coming in near future.


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Eva H Harris High School, Brookhaven, MS.
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