Eva Harris property up for sale

Eva Harris property up for sale

Eva Harris Alternative School and a former principal’s and coach’s house on the Enterprise Attendance Center campus are for sale.

The two buildings will be sold separately after the Lincoln County Board of Education declared them as surplus property Monday.

The centralized alternative school became expendable in January when the board approved a plan by Superintendent Terry Brister to relocate alternative students to their respective campuses.

Eva Harris, Brister said, simply no longer meets the needs of the district.

“I looked at it to see what we could use it for in the future. I couldn’t see any way it would help us, because of future plans and the progress of the Lincoln County School District,” he said.

Brister said several issues were considered in making the decision, including the new bond-funded facilities, other available locations for future plans, cost of maintaining the building and insurance premiums.

“I didn’t see it playing a role in the future of this district,” he said.

The superintendent said he and the board are beginning to discuss some changes in the district that would require locating or relocating some existing or new services, but Eva Harris was not a location being considered in those plans.

“That played a major role in my decision-making, because we may do some other things at other sites,” he said. “I’m looking at it all.”

He declined to discuss what those plans might be.

“We’re in the talking phase of changing other locations and facilities, but Eva Harris would not accommodate them,” he said. “It’s really too early to talk about those plans.”

At Enterprise, Principal Bruce Falvey said campus expansions in 1999 and the current bond-funded construction each took a slice of the existing parking lot, and faculty and student parking at the school was beginning to become critical.

“Parking is not very plentiful and we just need more of it,” he said. “We’ve continued to grow and the more people you have, the more vehicles you have.”

The need is apparent daily, Falvey said, but especially during athletic events.

The 1940s-era home, which has served the district in the past as a principal’s and coach’s home, has outlived its usefulness, Brister said.

“It’s basically not going to serve us in the future, and we need the space,” he said. “All four schools have parking problems, and we are trying to address them as quickly as we can. This will solve the problem at one of those schools.”

Until recently, Brister said, Jerry Meador had been living in the house. When he was promoted to principal of Bogue Chitto Attendance Center late last year,he moved. No one has lived in the house since Meador moved out around Christmas.


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