Class of 1961

In May of 1961, the first class graduated from Eva H. Harris. The principal was Mrs. Eva H. Harris; assistant principal; Mr. Lawrence Prater. Class sponsors were Mrs. Catherine D. Rance, Mrs. Sophia Page, Mr. Charles Thompson, and Mr. Thomas J. Patterson. Eleventh grade sponsors were Mr. Melton McMorris, Mrs. Emily P. O’ Neal and Miss Frances J. Brown. Tenth grade sponsors were Mr. I. C. Griffith, Miss Virgie Mae Gray, and Mrs. Ollie B. Coleman. Ninth grade sponsors were Mr. C. B. Johnson, Mrs. LaMildred Prater, and Mrs. Mary L. Grimmett. Eighth grade sponsors were Mrs. A. G. Coleman, Miss Lou Vella Markham, and Miss Louise Braxton. Seventh grade sponsors were Miss Augustine T. Johnson, Mrs. Mary Jane Wilson, and Miss Patrinella Thadison. Junior High Head Teacher was Mr. A. G. Coleman. Elementary school head teacher was Mrs. Eloise G. Brent.


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Eva H Harris High School, Brookhaven, MS.
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