1962 Class Roster


Leatrice Adams, Dorothy Allen, Willie R. Bailey, David Barnes, Florine Beard, James Ray Beard, Ruth L. Beard, Thelma Beard, Laverne Black, Marie Ella M. Black, Mary Louise Black, Betty Jean Brown*, Calvin Butler, Willie Byrd Jr., Hazel Marie Chatman, Willie Phillip Coleman, Deloris Davis, Ethel Elizabeth Dillon, Maryel Dillon, Willie Lee Dillon, Sara Ann Gray, Lula Mae Hunter, Annie Lou Johnson, Doris Faye Johnson*, Ladell Johnson, Bertie Gene Littleton, Bernita Lyons, Gladys Barnes*,Sadie M. Marks, Annie Louise May, Doris Dean May, Calvin McGee, Hughlon McKnight, Lena Pearl Milton, Annie Lois Osbom, Ella L. Poindexter, Irola Rucks, Carrie Mae Smith  , Clementine Smith, Evalene Smith, John L. Smith, Mattie Steve Smith, Shirley Ann Stovall, Freddie Mae Sudduth, Annie Ruth Thomas, Mae Bell Thomas, Inez Williams, James Lee Williams, Thomas A. Wiseman, Lester Hall*, Henry L. Sanders*



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